Singing Darwin: An Collaborative, Intermedia Arts Project

Singing Darwin began with the act of reading aloud and improvising music and imagery for the text of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. The technologically complex project grew to include many correlated events and activities, culminating in an exhibition and 24-hour performance-art event in November, 2009. The piece marked the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's masterwork, On the Origin of Species and was an extended, participatory rendering of the whole 490 page text in a created, artistic environment.

Collaborators include:
Elise Witt | Ann Kilkelly | Celeste Miller | Normando Ismay | Virginia Schenck | Whitney Waller | Todd Stafford

Octopus Tentacles


Stream Bed Bluish

Singing Darwin culminated in a live, 24 hour reading of the entire text of Origin of Species.

Darwin Geological Samples, Beagle Voyage

A Darwin Beetle Box